What to do?

Hike, bike, swim, eat, enjoy the big screen, or enjoy the scenery. This section will tell more about what is happening and link to another page on the site.

Where to Eat?

We have found that everyone has a recommendation of where to eat, but honestly, every place you go to eat has its own specialty making each restaurant the absolute best. We say explore the various cafes and steakhouses around the area and you won’t be disappointed in the least. Whatever you are in the mood for we have it, and we have the best!

Dining Services in Springdale, Utah

Find Places to Stay

Many of the most exquisite hotels rest right in this small town surrounded by the towering rock walls that make Zion National Park such an inspiring place to visit and stay.

Zion National Park Lodging in Springdale, Utah

Plan Your Day

Grab a pamphlet, water, and some good hiking shoes as there is much to explore and see. We have activities and events ranging from performing arts to concerts and dancing. With featured tours and guides to custom trails and adventure on your own. Visit our directory to learn more.

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