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Much of the beauty of Zion National Park is never seen by the vast majority of tourists. Zion Canyon is the most visited part of the park, but it certainly doesn’t contain all of the spectacular scenery in the area. Some of Zion’s greatest treasures are not easily accessible, but that does not mean that they can only be enjoyed by backpackers. For those who lack the time, energy, ability or inclination to hike into the back country, there are other ways to experience the seldom-seen parts of Zion.

4×4 Tours

Zion 360 Tours Springdale Utah Zion National Park

Some of the best panoramic views of Zion National Park are only visible from a few hard-to-get-to locations (and not necessarily within park boundaries!), including Smith and Gooseberry Mesas. Zion Outback Safari offers 2 and 3 hour 4×4 tours to both of these vantage points. They also provide tours of the most picturesque ghost town in America: Grafton, Utah. If you’d prefer a private, customized tour of Zion’s outback, private Jeep tours are also available.


UTV Tours


If listening to a tour guide from the back seat of a Jeep isn’t adventurous enough for you, then a guided UTV tour may be just the ticket. Mild-to-Wild Rhino Tours allows you to drive one of their UTV’s while following a knowledgeable guide, providing a high-adrenaline adventure with a margin of safety.


 ATV Tours

ATV at sand hollow reservoir

ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours has been leading the tour industry in Southern Utah for over 21 years. Whether you are a first time ATV driver, looking to tear up the sand or just need a guide to show you the premier ATV areas, then ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours is the company for you! All ages, all abilities and all experience levels are welcomed. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours welcomes you to come out and discover the wonderful of Southern Utah and Sand Mountain on a complete Adventure Tour.



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